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In times of financial need, nothing is better than an easy and quick logbook loan solution. Many lenders are picking up on that trend and high demand for quick cash as evident on same-day approval applications. Today, logbook loans are not only one of the easiest loans to avail but it's also convenient with offers of flexible loan amounts and terms that borrowers can tailor according to their needs and budget.

As a borrower who owns a car, the only thing you need to do now is to find the most competitive and affordable deals available in the market. Making the task easier for you is Norfolk Loans who specializes in providing logbook loans quote at no charge at all.

What is Norfolk Loans?

Norfolk Loans was created to make applying for a logbook loan even easier to people who need it most. Whether you have bad credit, arrears and ccjs or it's your first time to apply and you don't know where to start, we are here to steer you to the right direction. Whatever your purpose for the loan is, we are the name you can trust and rely on when it comes to logbook loans.

We recognize how volatile the economy can be and we also completely understand how factors such as bad credit can hinder you to get a loan from banks and major lenders. To avoid that from happening, we invite you to partner with us as we find just the prefect logbook loan deal for your specific situation.

Just in case you’re still in doubt about how logbook loans can help resolve your financial situation, click here for more information about its benefits.

What We Do?

At the heart of our existence is to make getting cash through a logbook loan as painless, convenient and easy as possible. Norfolk Loans is all about meeting our customers’ needs and providing ideal solutions for every situation.

As a leading logbook loan quote site, we provide options ranging from £200 to £25,000. You can also choose the repayment period according to your needs and what you can afford. We work with other leading lenders in marketing such as Simply Logbook Loan so we can give you more logbook loans options.

When you use our services, we promise to provide the fastest service available. Upon application, we will give you approval within minutes. Even better, we will prepare your cash within an hour after approval. In other words, Norfolk Loans is your gateway to quick fix solutions to your financial troubles.

Why Logbook Loans?

Though there are other types of loans to consider, logbook loans are among the easiest to avail with relatively cheaper APR than say, payday loans. As a loan secured against you car, the loan amount is also more flexible and larger depending on the value of your vehicle. It also follows that loan terms are flexible which can span from 72 weeks to 3 years depending on your set-up with your lender.

With logbook loans, you can also almost always guarantee approval. As long as you own your car and it's free of any financing, you can expect to get quick cash within hours of approval.

But like with any type of loans, there are risks involved. To know more about said risks, visit Choose for a detailed and closer look about the financial product.

How it Works?

You can turn your vehicle into quick cash today. When you decide that getting a logbook is your best bet, one of the first things you should do is get a free quote from no other than Norfolk Loans. Simply fill-out our online form and receive an instant free quote within seconds. After which, you are welcome to apply online and receive a decision within minutes. Once your application has been evaluated and approved, expect to get your cash within an hour.

Getting a logbook loan doesn't get any better with Norfolk Loans. If you're still not convinced that we are better than our competitors, read the testimonials to see what we have to offer.

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